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Restaurant Equipment Repair Service in Waco Texas - DFW Commercial Kitchen Repair Technicians

How to Choose a Restaurant Equipment Repair Service

Optimum performance of equipment and appliances is essential when running a busy commercial kitchen. Whether your business is a restaurant, takeaway, diner or institution, the pressures of daily service day after day take their toll, leading at some point to the breakdown of a mission-critical piece of equipment. When this happens, prompt restaurant equipment repair is crucial.

It is inevitable that equipment downtime will affect your commercial kitchen. As a result, the impact of the breakdown of heavily used restaurant equipment include:

-Time lost due to assessing the problem and organizing workarounds to keep your business going.

-Waiting times for the relevant contractor to assess and fix the problem.

-Time and expense in replacing the faulty item.

-Wastage of food and stock supplies.

-Lost customers and business.

-Wages paid to staff who cannot work or overtime while the situation is remedied.

-Potential reputation losses.

Tackle restaurant equipment breakdowns head-on with a restaurant equipment repair service.

Because of the reasons mentioned above and more it is imperative that food business or restaurant owners and managers mitigate risk and exposure by having a fast, professional and dedicated restaurant equipment repair service on hand. Restaurant equipment repair needs to be a key consideration in your business operations to ensure that you are able to handle a part malfunction, wear and tear or sudden breakdown, promptly with the minimum loss of productivity and profit. If you are just picking up the phone when you see smoke or blinking lights, you have not got the relationship with a restaurant equipment repair contractor you need. Here we cover the key considerations for choosing a commercial appliance repair service:

1) Able to handle a comprehensive range of inventory including HVAC

A commercial kitchen has a broad range of equipment and appliances in place that has diverse engineering and operation. Key equipment in a commercial kitchen include:

-Combination ovens and steamers


-Commercial microwaves

-Blenders and mixers

-Electric fryers

-Hot Cupboards

-Commercial water boilers

-Water filtration


-Commercial kitchen extractor units

…and more. Rather than reaching out to an oven repair contractor or HVAC specialist you should work with a dedicated restaurant equipment repair contactor where you will benefit from a one-stop-shop service. As a result, you will save time and money dealing with a team who are able to able to handle and restaurant equipment problem that arises promptly.

2) Your specialist needs to understand the pressures and demands of a working professional kitchen

Professional restaurant equipment repair contractors and companies will be experienced in the demands and pace of a working restaurant kitchen and operate accordingly. You need a responsive and reliable contractor who will attend to any breakdown or malfunction promptly and be properly equipped to deal with the situation. Restaurant equipment repair service teams are also adept at working discreetly and with minimum of disruption in the business of kitchen environments. In addition, the selection and use of specialist parts is of especial importance. Reputable contractors often have common repair parts and components to hand due to their experience dealing with a wide variety of professional kitchen repair jobs.

3) Able to provide advice and maintain a proactive schedule of service

A dedicated specialist will be able to not only repair but maintain your commercial kitchen equipment to ensure that they are in good working order and any faults or deterioration in performance is tackled before equipment failure takes place. You need a restaurant equipment repair company that your business can build a great working relationship. Highly-trained restaurant equipment repair technicians will also be on hand to educate and inform you of the best ways of using your equipment so you get optimal efficiency and output in your country.

4) Great customer service and support

Look for well-reviewed, referenced and top-rated companies that are pleased to serve and deliver outstanding service consistently. You want to be sure that your restaurant equipment repair company delivers the right standard of service and will not fail you during a breakdown situation. Attentive customer service makes all the difference in bringing stressful situations under control. Furthermore, investing wisely will mean you and your team will be well prepared for unforeseen circumstances involving your hard-working assets.

Restaurant Equipment Repair in Texas

If you are looking for a responsive and reliable restaurant equipment repair company, choose ProToCall. We are on hand to provide a fast service with the diligence and attention to detail you need. Contact our DFW restaurant repair technicians today at 866-297-5082 to find out more about how we can keep your commercial kitchen performing at its best.