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Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Restaurant equipment includes everything used to prepare, cook, heat, and store food. While restaurant or cafe owners spend a lot of time thinking about buying equipment, the need to maintain existing equipment is often neglected until something goes awry. If you find yourself neglecting regular restaurant equipment maintenance, it may be a matter of time before this overlook will cause you trouble. Over time, as with most equipment, there will be a malfunction, making the appliance unusable until the service fixes it.

Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Restaurant equipment maintenance service includes commercial appliance refrigeration, fryer, thermal, gas equipment, small kitchen, and bar appliances. As well as dishwasher equipment, commercial HVAC, and other restaurant equipment. The benefits of preventative & maintaining services for your restaurant equipment are:

Preventive maintenance- keeps your equipment running at its highest
Restaurant equipment maintenance saves you money and ensures health and safety at work.
Identifies potential problems with the equipment- reduces the risk of appliance failure.
Appropriate spare parts are ordered as soon as possible – minimize downtime.

3 Tips For Maintaining Restaurant Equipment:

Put Restaurant Equipment Maintenance First With a Local Appliance Repair Company

The easiest way to extend your life and improve the performance of your devices is to introduce regular cleaning and preventative services, as a well-preserved device works most productively. Improperly maintaining your restaurant equipment not only impairs its productivity but also compromises the safety of the object itself. For example, fires caused in the kitchen cost restaurants around the work millions of dollars each year, and in cases where poor installation or grease buildup is caused, this can be avoided by proper maintenance.

However, with all the day-to-day obligations that employees have in the restaurant, they cannot realistically be expected to remember the exact kitchen maintenance schedule. Introduce preventative checklists with a schedule of maintenance and service checks for each device. Maybe the whole job of keeping records and documenting everything at first seems superfluous, but over some time, the results will be shown.

Do Not Underestimate The Effect Of Routine Inspection And Maintenance By An Authorized Service Company

Your staff plays an important role in the process of machine maintenance. But do not forget the importance of professional service when it comes to preventative equipment maintenance. Next to proper maintenance and regular cleaning, regular inspection by an authorized service company can identify alarming or critical issues before the damage is even greater. It does not only reduce unavoidable costs in critical situations but also extends the life of the device.

Keep Your Restaurant Equipment Maintenance At The Top Of Your To-Do List To Avoid Breakdowns And Downtime

When one of the more important devices in the restaurant stops working, the entire kitchen is in front of the barrier. Scheduling regular controls on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis reduce the risk of failure. And thus ensures a continuous flow of business.

Why Hire a Local Repair Company

Routine restaurant equipment maintenance is a very simple but effective way to protect your investment in the form of restaurant equipment. However, not all commercial repair companies have the same way of doing business. While experienced, professional services with a good reputation are essential, owners and managers of restaurants often underestimate one very important factor- speed. The best way to provide fast and efficient service is to find a commercial repair company near you.

Here are three reasons why local services are simply the best and simplest solutions when it comes to restaurant equipment maintenance:

Easily Accessible And Fast Emergency Response

For example, your coffee machine stop working in the middle of a Saturday, working with local service can make a big difference in the continuous flow of your business.

Frequent Periodic Visits And Device Controls

Professional restaurant equipment maintenance is not in charge only of troubleshooting and repairing machines. They also carry out regular visits and controls to maintain productivity in your kitchen while significantly reducing maintenance costs. Local or regional customer service can minimize the time you spend waiting for your problem to be resolved.

More Understanding For You And Your Needs

Because of their experience with local restaurants, service providers in your area have a greater understanding of your needs. Some local commercial appliance repair companies including ProtoCall are even available after-hours and on weekends.

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Near Me: ProToCall Can Help

ProToCall offers restaurant equipment maintenance and emergency repair services for businesses in Dallas – Fort Worth. Our team is ready 24/7 to work hard and get your restaurant appliances in their best condition. Contact ProToCall at 866-297-5082.

Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Service Areas:

ProToCall services many areas in Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen, Longview, San Antonio, Temple, Tyler, and Waco. ProToCall is expanding to other areas in Texas; stay tuned for new locations.