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Restaurant Appliance Repair

Keeping the equipment of your commercial kitchen in perfect condition is one of your main duties as a restaurant owner. Without having your restaurant equipment in perfect condition you can’t serve delicious food and get your business working at maximum efficiency. Following a maintenance schedule and scheduling prompt restaurant appliance repair for your equipment as soon as you notice any problem is going to protect your appliances from having permanent damage and resolve minor issues before they become something major and you have to replace the appliance.

Getting all the necessary money to buy restaurant appliances is a huge investment so you must take all the necessary measures to ensure it has the longest life span possible. You will keep the good quality of your food and if you ever decide to sell your restaurant you will be able to sell it for a better value if the equipment is in optimal condition.

If you need to set a maintenance schedule or repair you should only trust a professional company like ours. Our service will reduce your utility bills costs because when your system is working perfectly it will consume less electricity as well as create a safe work environment for your employees.

Restaurant Appliance Repair Services

The quality and state of your restaurant equipment have a huge impact on the success and reputation of your business and our company is the leader in the area. Protocall is a commercial appliance repair company that specializes in all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment. We include the following services:

Restaurant Refrigeration Repair

Your refrigeration equipment is important to store your food and ensure it is always fresh. A poorly functioning refrigeration system can make you lose a lot of money and deliver poor-quality food, our service includes repairing fridges, coolers, freezers, ice machines, cooling systems, ventilation, dehumidifiers, and heating systems.

Electrical and Gas Cooking Equipment Repair

We take care of the electrical and gas cooking equipment of your commercial property to ensure your food has the best quality and your employees are working in a safe and comfortable environment. We take care of convection ovens, industrial ovens, pizza ovens, all types of fryers, convection steamers, and broilers.

Why Choose ProToCall?

Our appliance repair services include the most qualified and experienced technicians on commercial kitchen repairs. We specialize in on-site kitchen equipment, our technicians undergo extensive training to handle the most complicated problem of your restaurant appliances and are familiar with the most common issues on the electrical and gas components of your cooking equipment as well as your refrigeration system.

Restaurant Appliance Repair Near Me: Partner with ProToCall

It doesn’t matter when the problems occur, Protocall offers emergency 24/7 restaurant appliance repair services and also can manage a maintenance program for your commercial kitchen. You can sign up for one of our maintenance plans, that way you can prevent major failures and have peace of mind knowing that our team will go once a month to inspect your system and perform maintenance before a big problem happens.

Contact Protocall for prompt restaurant appliance repair and maintenance services. Our team is ready 24/7 to work hard and get your restaurant appliances in their best condition.