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Foodservice Equipment Repair

Foodservice Equipment Repair: Top Reasons Kitchen Equipment Breaks Down

From refrigeration to cooking appliances, foodservice equipment repair is a vital part of ensuring your business keeps running smoothly. Although it is impossible to make equipment last forever, there are numerous tips on how to reduce their risk of breakdown. These are the 4 top reasons that affect commercial kitchen equipment malfunctions:

Regular Maintenance is Neglected

Thinking too much about new equipment and neglecting regular preventative maintenance by an experienced service is a huge mistake that businesses in the food industry can make. An experienced technician will save your time, money, and productivity. The best option for anyone involved in preparing and selling food is to contract a restaurant equipment maintenance service.

Negligence by Employees

Another common reason for equipment failure is a consequence of neglecting part of the work by employees. Commercial kitchens can become a dirty place, and such conditions certainly increase the chance of appliances such as stoves, hoods, and many other types of equipment to breakdown. If employees make mistakes during the equipment cleaning process, it can cause malfunction as well.

Unsuccessful Replacement of Defective Parts

Regular and heavy use of foodservice equipment will inevitably cause parts to break down or become weaker. So when a qualified restaurant equipment technician recommends replacement, it is up to you to accept and replace it as soon as possible. Many small components in appliances can fail, and not only that, some of them can lead to a total failure of the machine. The repair of which will cost more and result in more downtime than preventative maintenance. This is why regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for the constant activity of foodservice equipment and appliances.

Foodservice Equipment is Outdated

Restaurant owners and foodservice directors decide when equipment should be repaired and when it should be replaced. Generally, this all comes down to age, price and condition. If the cost to repair equipment is higher than the cost to replace it, it’s time to replace it. Even if it continues to operate, very outdated equipment may have many disadvantages that will not only impede work productivity, but could be a safety hazard as well.

A trustworthy company should be able to help you determine whether you should repair or replace your equipment. Because ProToCall does not sell equipment, we are able to help Texas restaurants, food trucks, and other businesses determine this without bias. Since we do not try to sell you on anything. Be weary of this with other companies that do sell equipment, as they may just try to push you to spend more than you need to. We do, however, install and repair foodservice equipment. So whichever route you decide to take, we can help.

Foodservice Equipment Repair Service in Dallas – Fort Worth

If your foodservice equipment malfunctions and you need fast service, choose ProToCall. Our highly-trained and qualified technicians are available 24/7 for emergency equipment repair. Locally owned and operated, ProToCall is a top-rated foodservice equipment repair company in North Texas. In addition to maintenance, we offer foodservice equipment installation and maintenance. Contact our team today at (866) 297-5082.