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Cooking Equipment Repair

Having the right experts to repair cooking equipment is the surest way to get it done right the first time. This is why when you are hiring professional technicians to handle your equipment, you need to pay attention to what they offer. If you invest time and money to get the right cooking equipment repair experts, you incur fewer losses and can make them long-term partners. Four things should inform your decision. These are qualification, flexibility, efficiency, and customer service.

What To Look For in a Cooking Equipment Repair Service


The equipment you want them to repair is a significant investment for your business. As such, you should ensure you get the right people working on it. The last thing you want is an unqualified person causing further damage and halting your operations longer than necessary.

Look for a service that not only has a large workforce to cater to different clients at the same time. But one that also values quality work. Their professionals should possess the right qualifications and certifications. Also, refresher training is an added advantage. At ProToCall, we believe qualification is crucial. This is why we thoroughly vet all of our cooking equipment repair technicians. We ensure our technicians are highly-trained and qualified so our clients can have peace in mind knowing their equipment is in the best hands.


It is almost impossible to foretell when your equipment stops working, This is why part of the competency you should seek in cooking equipment repair services is in how swift they are in availing themselves. Remember, the sooner they respond and show up, the more promptly you go back to your routine. They should also be able to handle different equipment and deal with various issues. Always go for a repair service that offers numerous solutions.

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money”. That statement is especially true for restaurants and other businesses that lose a lot of money when equipment breakdown. This is why you need a commercial equipment repair company, like ProToCall, that is available 24/7 for emergency equipment repair.


After evaluating their technical qualifications, you need to assess their reputation. They need to deliver the services you agreed within the stipulated time-frame. Although unexpected delays happen for even the best technicians, you want a company with a solid reputation for timely cooking equipment repair. It is also crucial that they do their work diligently to avoid second- and third-time repairs on the same problem.

You want a local cooking equipment repair company that is fast and efficient, without taking shortcuts or avoidable mistakes. Finding this middle ground can be tricky if you do not know what to expect. This is why the best way to determine if a company you are considering is efficient is to ask them about their track record. Looking at their customer reviews is also a great way to determine this. ProtoCall has a solid, hard-earned reputation for providing efficient and thorough restaurant equipment repair in Dallas – Fort Worth.

Customer Service

The best repair companies should not only focus on getting repairs done but also on establishing a lasting relationship with you. Therefore, find a service that focuses on delivering stellar services and communicating through every step of the way. Ensure that their professionalism is commendable. You can gauge this by how they respond to questions and their willingness to address issues that you did not identify before work started.

One thing that distinguishes excellent service is how they blend into your routine without disrupting your work. Also, they should respect your facility and equipment and clean up once everything is complete. Protocall is renowned for providing world-class service. This is one of the reasons our customer satisfaction and business rating is high. Many of our clients make the decision to partner with us for all their commercial equipment maintenance, repair, and installation needs.

Cooking Equipment Repair Service in Texas

In conclusion, the cooking equipment repair service you hire should show have the four qualities mentioned above. This will help in ensuring that their reliability when working for you comes with the competence needed to keep your working relationship going. ProtoCall is one of the best companies that you can rely on all your cooking equipment repair needs. We are a local commercial appliance repair company in North Texas. Our qualified technicians repair all types of restaurant and food-service equipment and appliances. We offer both emergency repair services and routine maintenance. Get in touch with us today to keep your cooking equipment in top condition. You can reach us day and night at (866) 297-5082.