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Restaurant Equipment Maintenance for Commercial Kitchens

Why Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance is Essential

In the day to day running of a busy commercial kitchen, the integrity and functioning of key equipment and appliances can be easily overlooked. In a busy service, a key piece of equipment such as a commercial oven can be used at full tilt to literally prepare hundreds of meals. However, these hard-working assets are absolutely essential to the safe, productive and profitable performance of your food business and failure can cause big problems, especially if the equipment is in use when it breaks down. That is why commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is crucial.

A Proactive vs. Reactive Approach to Maintenance

Undertaking routine maintenance of your equipment is a key method of preventing untoward events in the kitchen and at least being in a position to remedy, repair or replace problem kitchen equipment ahead of an unexpected failure. The consequences of neglecting the proper commercial kitchen equipment maintenance are undoubtedly costly to any business. Therefore, a proactive approach to commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is well worth the investment.

Establishing a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance routine is mission-critical!

Your business is reliant on the performance of your commercial kitchen. So establishing a maintenance routine will provide great benefits and stave off the risk of downtime which is unthinkable! Setting up a proactive routine for maintaining your kitchen equipment provides great operational advantages, for both your equipment and your workers.

Key benefits of a routine maintenance program for your commercial kitchen equipment include:

Safety – Protect your workers from the risks of sudden commercial kitchen appliance breakdown

Save Time and Money. If you address signs of wear and tear early on you will save valuable time and cost incurred by comprehensive repair jobs, overhauls, and replacements.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan. Take better care of your machinery to ensure your assembly lasts longer.

Optimal Performance. You will enjoy the best return on the investment made on your commercial kitchen equipment by making sure it is continually functioning optimally.

How to establish a maintenance routine.

It can take a while to ‘bed-in’ a new operational routine in your business. But the benefits of scheduled maintenance for your commercial kitchen equipment will be well worth the effort. Your first priority is to partner with a professional and reliable commercial appliance repair company. One who will be on hand to deal with any maintenance issues that arise and undertake prompt intervention and repair. Beyond a sound contractor relationship, consider implementing the following:

1) Clean your equipment

Buildup of grime, dust, and other particles can cause commercial kitchen equipment failure. Your system should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. The parts and components of your unit should be evaluated by a professional on a routine schedule to clean and look for worn parts before system failure happens. A clean unit is less likely to fail, will last longer and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. This also empowers your entire team to take corrective action before you hit any snags.

2) Repair Broken Parts

Parts of commercial equipment wear out after years of use. When you notice that you have a broken or noisy part, it is essential to have this repaired by a professional technician. Staying on top of restaurant appliance repairs can keep your commercial kitchen equipment up and running for many years to come.

3) Implement maintenance scheduling

Look at your appliance manuals to look at the frequency of maintenance necessary to maintain optimum performance. The frequency of maintenance is typically specified by the number of hours of use. One of the great benefits of working with a commercial kitchen equipment repair company like ProToCall is that they will be able to undertake this scheduled maintenance for you.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance in North Texas

If you need to know more about how to start a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance routine, contact ProToCall. Our expert technicians have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist with restaurant equipment repair and maintenance.