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Commercial HVAC Systems Repair and Maintenance DFW Dallas Texas

Commercial HVAC System: 8 Common Problems to Watch For

The task of managing a commercial space is never an easy one. It involves monitoring many different moving parts. One thing you can be sure of your employees and customers will not hesitate to tell you when there is an issue with your commercial HVAC system.

A functioning commercial HVAC system is essential to any business, especially in Texas. Commercial AC units are typically much larger than residential ones, and this is mainly due to the size of the space they are expected to service. Due to their size, they need to be serviced and maintained regularly. Here are some of the key elements of commercial HVAC systems:

  • A Modular system that allows for varying company needs
  • Multiple thermostats
  • More complex parts and wires 

The theory of cooling and heating a commercial building is the same as a residential, and the key differences lie in the structure of the buildings. Commercial HVAC systems need to be designed to reflect these differences, and they need to be able to provide clean air at the chosen temperature, this is important from workplace satisfaction and safety.

If your Commercial HVAC system is not serviced regularly here are the most common problems you will encounter

 Old age: Every commercial HVAC system has a lifespan. Every year that passes will increase the possibility of any number of their components failing. Getting the system serviced regularly can keep the motors, belts, and bearings in optimal running condition. 

Tripped circuit breaker: If your system’s airflow becomes blocked, it will force the system to work overtime and trip the breaker.

Your condenser is dirty: if you notice a reduction in the efficiency of the system you might need to get the evaporator coils cleaned.

Filters need to cleaning: Every commercial AC system needs to have its filters changed regularly. During the height of the summer, you might need to replace them every month. Some businesses might need to replace their filters every month. Dirty filters will restrict airflow, causing your system to overheat. 

Replace the Ignition: depending on the age of your system and the amount of use it gets, can result in the pilot light, flame sensors, and burners becoming degraded. 

Strange noises: if you start to hear sounds such as a high screech, or banging noise coming through the system, you should get this investigated immediately. Any qualified technician will diagnose and fix the system with ease.

Thermostat batteries: Many people forget that the thermostats are battery run and neglect to replace them regularly. Most manufacturers recommend you return them at least once a year. Once you see the low battery indicator, replace the batteries straight away. 

Water leaks. A water leak can cause a lot of damage if not repaired quickly. Your commercial HVAC unit has drains that can become blocked over time. A water leak might also signal deeper problems with your evaporator, heat exchanger, or collector box. 

Commercial HVAC System Repair and Maintenance

To avoid these issues occurring, most commercial businesses partner with a local HVAC company to have their system maintained regularly. They will also be available to service your system if any emergencies occur. Not only will this keep your customers and employees happy, but it can also save you money in the long run, if they fix small issues before they become more significant problems.