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Commercial HVAC Repair Dallas Fort Worth Texas Protocall

Commercial HVAC Repair in Texas

When problems in your HVAC system creep up or it just stops working, it’s important to choose a commercial HVAC repair company with qualified and experienced techs. ProtoCall features quick service call response and offers quality service at a competitive rate. Availability for commercial HVAC repair emergencies at any time is no problem.

The Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Your commercial HVAC system can, and should, give you many years of worry-free service. In order to ensure this, your system needs regular maintenance. Without maintenance, your system will work harder to do its job, and wear on parts is accelerated. This is where a professional commercial HVAC service comes in. Regular maintenance keeps your system operating smoothly and more efficiently. Maintenance costs are offset by the savings in a smooth-running system. ProToCall serves commercial businesses throughout North Texas and understands the importance of property equipment maintenance.

Signs of Potential Problems

When your HVAC system is not experiencing any problems, it’s easy to forget about it and concentrate on other matters. However, many problems reveal themselves slowly, and the first signs are easy to overlook. Any business owner knows that problems are more easily solved when caught in the early stages and dealt with. With that in mind, here are a few signs that bear your attention.

While seasonal spikes in energy costs are to be expected, if your bills spike unexpectedly, it may be caused by problems in your HVAC system. Cooling especially uses about 15 percent of a commercial building’s electricity. An energy spike may indicate that a part is wearing out, causing the system to work harder. A service tech can track down and repair the problem.

If your employees start to notice musty or foul odors, it may be also a sign that your HVAC system is having problems. While dirty air filters can cause odors (another reason to change them on schedule), there may be other causes, such as clogged air conditioner drainage, or sludge buildup in the drainage system. The smell of burning metal traced to the system needs immediate action, as this means melting wires, burned-out components, or a short circuit.

Unexpected varying temperatures within different spaces in your building is another sign your system needs attention. So is the system that keeps cycling on and off, turning on for just a few minutes, turning off, and then turning on again before long. Short cycling can be caused by dirty evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, airflow blockages, and other things. It’s a sign that there’s a problem that needs attention from a tech.

Commercial HVAC Repair Services in Texas

A functioning commercial HVAC system is essential to any business, especially in Texas. Whether your company currently needs commercial HVAC repair or a dependable service company to regularly inspect your system and perform maintenance, ProToCall can handle the job for your business. A local commercial HVAC repair company, ProToCall is top-rated and services HVAC systems throughout north Texas. Our local HVAC techs are available 24/7 for emergency repair calls. They offer prompt service for other calls and can keep your system running smoothly and off your mind. ProToCall sends qualified techs to your door to tend to any problems, explaining what the problem is, what is needed, and the estimated costs and time involved for repairs. Give them a call and see what service can be.