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Commercial Fryer Repair Service Dallas Fort Worth

Commercial Fryer Repair

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial element in the growth of any business. If you run a restaurant, ensuring your customers have access to well-prepared foods is one of the best ways to guarantee their satisfaction. This has to start with the equipment you are using to prepare the meals, including the deep fryer. When it breakdowns, you need fast commercial fryer repair so you can continue making top-notch meals.

What to Do When Your Deep Fryer is Malfunctioning

If you notice that there are issues with your deep fryer, there are two things you can do. Firstly, get a qualified commercial fryer repair expert to look at it. Or secondly, you can buy a new one. Commercial fryers are expensive, so replacing it might be a hassle. Delaying to call a commercial fryer repair service affects your business. Therefore, you need to do so immediately when a problem arises. If you are unsure whether you deep fryer needs to be repaired or replaced, find a repair technician like ProToCall that does not sell equipment. One that will be honest about your situation, rather than pressing you to make an unnecessary purchase to sell you something.

How to Know When It’s Time to Call a Commercial Fryer Repair Service

The owner manual will guide you through the regular troubleshooting activities. However, some issues may go beyond your scope that needs professional input. To ensure that you are proactive about this, you could schedule regular maintenance and cleaning. This allows you to fix issues before they become detrimental to the performance of your commercial fryer. Alternatively, you could learn how to identify problems that need prompt action. The following are three of the most common ones:

Malfunctioning pilot light

This affects the heating process, and you will end up either with soggy or crispy food. An expert will come in and determine the cause of the malfunction. In most cases, they will replace the light to restore proper functioning.

Clogged burner

If your flames are not equally spread around the burner, there is a problem with the fryer. You can clean the burner with a brush and try lighting it again. Contact a professional commercial fryer repair company if the issue persists.

Temperature control is tasking

You can use the thermostat to check whether the heat is ideal for the different foods you want to fry. In some cases, the calibration may be incorrect, or it might be disconnected. The latter calls for immediate replacement.

What to Look for in a Commercial Fryer Repair Service?

Replacing a fryer is expensive, and getting the funds might take more time than you have before your consumers look for alternatives. Thus, you need to find the right company that will help solve the problem as fast and efficiently as possible. The first thing you need to look for is their agility in responding to your questions and inquiries. If they are keen on fast responses, they are good with quick solutions, which is what you need.

Look for a company that has an available team at all times to help restore functionality. This ensures that you do not lose too much in the business. If you have more than one type of appliance, you want a commercial fryer repair company that possesses varied skills to handle all of them. A one-stop-shop helps you save on time and money.

Finally, communication is a critical factor in this process. You need people who understand this and work towards providing timely answers to queries. There should also be full-time support before, during, and after they do the repairs. The quotation they provide prior commencing the work should have all the details, and they should offer a point person whenever you need clarification.

DFW Commercial Fryer Repair

If you want to get top-notch commercial fryer repair services in DFW, Texas, ProtoCall is your best bet. ProtoCall is a commercial appliance repair company in Dallas – Fort Worth, where we repair all types of restaurant and commercial equipment and appliances. We offer both emergency repair services and routine maintenance. Get in touch with us today to help you keep your commercial fryer in good shape by fixing any issues you may be encountering. Send ProToCall a message online to learn more about our restaurant appliance repair services including commercial fryer repair. Additionally, you can call us at 866-297-5082 for immediate assistance.