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3 Reasons to Filter Restaurant Fryer Oil

3 Reasons to Filter Restaurant Fryer Oil

The number one priority of any restaurant owner is to serve delicious, quality food that keeps customers coming back. Keeping food and operating costs low is second on the list.

Oil used in deep fryers can give fried food the down-home, delicious flavor customers expect but it can also cause food to be inedible. Fryer oil is also a pricey commodity, but one any restaurant serving fried fare must have.

How can you keep the cost of oil low without compromising the taste and quality of your food? You must filter your oil.

Top 3 reasons to filter your restaurant fryer oil:

• Improve quality and taste of food.
• Keep operating costs low by extending the life of your fryer oil.
• Increase performance of your restaurant fryer.

The frequency with which you should filter your oil is dependent on how heavy the use is on your fryer. Oil in most fryers should be filtered at least once a week if not daily.

Healthier frying oils break down more quickly than non-healthy oils. As any restaurant owner or operator knows, healthier oils are also more expensive. If you have chosen to cook with healthy oils in your restaurant to improve the food offered, you must filter your oil more frequently to keep the oil from breaking down too quickly, thus necessitating replacing the oil more often.

If you have purchased a used fryer or have not filtered the oil in your fryer appropriately in the past, contact the commercial kitchen equipment experts at ProToCall. Our team specializes in service and maintenance of commercial cooking equipment. Set up regular, planned maintenance with us to extend the lifespan and increase the efficiency of all of your kitchen equipment.

Let us care for your kitchen equipment so you can focus on what is most important: preparing the delicious food your customers have come to love.